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Grand Celebration Marks Inauguration of Training Session at Olu Aka di Mma VTTC and Nazareth House

October 5, 2023

A joyous and solemn celebration took place today as our Vocational Technical Training Centre (VTTC) and Nazareth House came together to inaugurate a new training session. The occasion was marked by a heartfelt Mass attended by top management staff, trainers, instructors, and students from both institutions, demonstrating the power of collaboration and the spirit of education.

The Mass was held with great enthusiasm as members of CIDJAP’s top management and the dedicated trainers and instructors from Olu Aka di Mma (VTTC) and Nazareth House gathered alongside the eager students and trainees. This significant event highlighted the unity between two educational institutions that have long been working toward a common goal of providing quality vocational and technical education.

The management, staff, and students of Nazareth House expressed their profound gratitude for the unique opportunity afforded them through this partnership. They thanked the Austrian support groups at FIDESCO, the Vorarlberg Government, ICEP, and their beloved Monsignor for their unwavering support and dedication. During the Mass, they prayed earnestly for the continued success and growth of this harmonious educational endeavour.

This collaboration between Olu Aka di Mma and Nazareth House not only strengthens the training capabilities of both institutions but also showcases the potential for positive change and the advancement of vocational and technical education. As the new training session officially begins, it promises a brighter future for all the students and trainees involved.

The joint inauguration ceremony symbolizes the commitment of these institutions to provide excellent education and create opportunities for students to learn, grow, and ultimately contribute to the betterment of society. This union demonstrates the power of unity, echoing the belief that, together, they can achieve great things in the field of vocational and technical education.